All Things Go…


Sufjan Stevens is an outstanding singer/songwriter and I never tire of listening to him. One of my personal favorites is "Chicago" from the album "Illinois".

Chicago.mp3 – for preview only, if you like it, consider buying "Illinois" or you may want to check out "Seven Swans".

For some reason, every time he gets here…

"I drove to New York
in a van, with my friend.
We slept in parking lots.
I don’t mind, I don’t mind.

I was in love with a place,
in my mind, in my mind.

I made a lot of mistakes,
in my mind, in my mind."

…it makes me smile and shake my head. There’s something subtle going on in my mind when he sings that that I can’t put my finger on. Then he ties it up with…

"If I was crying,
in the van, with my friend,
it was for freedom.
From myself and from the land."

Alright, that’s all. A great song from a great musician. Have a great Sunday!

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