We’re out here in Destin, Florida with the other couples in our home church group: the Barkers, Parks and Rhodes. We left yesterday morning and after a short flight, we arrived at the white sandy beaches of the Sunshine State. The vacation began with a quick trip to a local grocery store for some organic goodness and then it was off to the beach!

So, here’s a recipe for disaster: a freckled, fair-skinned, redhead who hates putting on sunscreen. I just don’t like the stuff. It’s oily, it’s messy, and it makes me feel like I’m dressing myself up to be baked. Ironically, baking is exactly what happens when I don’t put on sunscreen and I learned it (again) in a bad way. I applied sunscreen to my face, arms and chest…but that of course leaves the ol’ back.

"Let me get your back for you," Laura said as I put the sunscreen back in our bag.
"Nah, I got it. Thanks though."
"No, I mean the parts you can’t reach. Come here."
"Lay off me, girl; I don’t need no more sunscreen on my back! Why you always wastin’ my flava?!"

Or a conversation something like that.

Needless to say, Laura was vindicated that evening when I removed my shirt to reveal a big splotch of red between my shoulder blades where I couldn’t reach. There are literally finger marks that show where my hand was able to get. It’s quite humorous.

Last night we had a great meal at La Paz, a little Mexican place with wonderful veggie fajitas. They put artichokes in them (wouldn’t have thought of that) there’s no turning back now…from now on, fajitas must have artichokes.

We wrapped the night up with a viewing of "Swingers" and some Texas Hold ‘Em. This morning consisted of sleeping in, lounging and a couple rounds of spades. Because of my sunburn, I decided not to risk it today when we went back out for more ocean fun, and just left my shirt on. That meant that I was "guy in the ocean with a t-shirt." Good stuff.

Now the guys are getting ready to fix dinner for the ladies so I better get in there and help out.

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5 thoughts on “Destin-ation”

  1. Looks like yall are having a great time!!! You’d think you would have learned to stay out of the sun by now… tsk tsk tsk… Be good & let me know when yall get home. Cya!!!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful condo! Looks like you guys are having a blast…try and stay out of trouble, would ya? And for the love of pete, B, would you put on some sun screen?! I swear…what is it with the Rhea men and sunburns?? Larr does the same thing, except he always forgets to do his face, so he ends up with these raccoon eyes from his sunglasses. Pitiful.

  3. I’m envious…thanks for sharing the pics, and I’m glad there were no brutal shark attacks…dum dum…dum dum…

  4. Awesome guys. I hope the trip turned out restful & fun. But good to have you back!
    the picture: “four women with child” is great!

  5. I’m there with you on the sunburn. I actually won a contest one time for my burn. Something about most likely to hurt while peeling…

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