Alive and Kicking

Moving + Pregnancy + Beginning of School = First Post in Over a Month

But we’re doing great and despite the fact that we don’t know when our baby will be born, what we do know is that with each day that passes, it has gotten one day closer. The due date is October 31st, but anything can happen. It’s been a wonder to watch Laura carry and grow this baby, and to feel him or her moving around, reacting to our voices and touch, getting the hiccups.

I cannot wait to meet our little baby and I cannot wait to be their dad.

I wonder what they will be interested in and passionate about. I wonder if they will have a curious or calm imagination. The other day I wondered aloud to Laura, "What if our baby grows up to prove String Theory or discovers the actual Unified Field Theory?" I allowed myself to daydream about this for several minutes.

Tuesday morning as I drove directly east on my way to school, I looked at that orange ball floating in the sky and I laughed out loud in the car. It is an impossibly large explosion occuring 93 million miles away and I am watching it happen. Actually, I’m looking at what happened seven minutes ago since that’s how long it took the light to get here. It’s an explosion so large that if it were the size of a basketball our earth would be the size of a pinhead.


And on that little pinhead, there is this little blond-headed creature walking around who I love more than anything. And inside of that little blondie, there is something happening that’s even more miraculous and wonderful than the controlled explosion 93 million miles away that inspired this thought to begin with. Cells are dividing, a heart is beating, and in his or her brain, synapses are firing: microscopic, controlled explosions, brighter than the sun.

4 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking”

  1. Oh my, this is all so deep, deep thinking from my adorable red head. My head is spinning, almost out of control.
    I just returned from a party that was honering that little being and he or she got some wonderful things.
    I am on pins and needles, waiting, and waiting for it to arrive. It would be wonderful if it decided to arrive while you are visiting here in Paris, then we could all await its arrival together. :)

  2. Isn’t it funny how simple thoughts lead to other thoughts that lead to other thoughts….. & all those thoughts end with what will be the most precious thing you can think of. It will amaze you how much love you have in your heart for that baby… and nothing can ever take that love away.

  3. With you and L for parents, your little one is definitely destined for greatness, B. It makes me so happy to see our family grow!

  4. I cant wait till the baby comes!! Its so exciting! And I agree with Christi…with you and Laura there is no telling what that baby can achive :)
    Love you guys!!

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