Baseball, Boston, Bikes, but no Baby

As the day that will change our lives forever draws near, it’s been
nice to have a diversion or two to offer our psyches a respite.

Mindless Enjoyment #1 : MLB Postseason

may no longer be the biggest spectator sport in the country, and
football is certainly staking a legitimate claim to replace it as the
National Pastime, but baseball still has a number of things going for
it: a.) in terms of in-game strategy and drama, it has no equal in
sports; b.) it is a visually beautiful game to watch, the geometry, the
(a)symmetry, the contrast of dirt and grass, for my money only golf
gives baseball a run for its money when it comes to aesthetics; c.) you
can realistically take a family of five to a live game without taking
out a second mortgage, I can’t think of another professional sport
where this is true.

Also, the managers wear the same uniforms as the
players. As sharp as the hockey and basketball coaches look in their
jackets and ties, there is something cool about a manager arguing a
call with a number on his back and logo on his chest. And finally, as
much as I wanted the Series to go to seven games, the fact that the
BoSox swept it means that the entire postseason was played in the month
of October, hands down the best month on the calendar. Hooray for

Mindless Enjoyment #2 : Envying Boston Sports Fans

Boston Red Sox : World Series Champs
Boston College : Number 2 in the BCS
New England Patriots : 8-0

Mindless Enjoyment #3 : Mountain (Trail) Biking around Lake Grapevine

Last year, I got really in to mountain biking after borrowing
Gene’s bike for a week or two. There are some really great trails
around here that make you forget that you’re in the metroplex. After it
was clear that it wasn’t just a phase, we bought ourselves some bikes
and I have been so grateful for the purchase. However, some months ago
when Laura mentioned to a friend that I had recently gotten in to
mountain biking, the friend’s response was, "I’m from Idaho. Where are
you going mountain biking in north Texas?" Fair enough. So, I’ve had to
get in to the habit of referring to my new hobby as Trail Biking.

A major selling point of our new home is that it backs up to
the woods surrounding Lake Grapevine. This was mostly for our kids, but
it’s definitely a feature that Laura and I have taken advantage of. It
so happens that the trail known as Horseshoe runs through those woods
and, in fact, it comes within a stone’s throw of our back gate. On
Sunday, I cleared a private little path to the trail so I can actually
get on it from my own backyard!

Here is a video of the new path…for some reason I can’t get Google Video to cooperate.

2 thoughts on “Baseball, Boston, Bikes, but no Baby”

  1. Let me see… Nascar: crew chiefs wear the same thing as the drivers, strategy on pitting or not pitting, 2 tire change or 4 tire change, but I really hate that yes, it is practically like taking a mortgage on your house to attend a race unfortunately but it is quickly becoming more popular than football and I love it!!! :) I finally got Uncle Dale’s bike that he bought & left at Grandma’s up and running & have been riding very little distances to make sure I can still ride a bike. The very first time I rode down the driveway & came back to the garage, I fell when I got off… my legs were like jello & I just went down to the ground so I am very careful when I stop & I am doing only short stretches as a time building up my legs. Oh well… I guess this is long enough, I’ll let this do for now. Holler at ya later…

  2. Can’t wait till Joe and I can bring up some bikes and going riding with yall!! :)
    And I cant get the video to work…:( am I doing something wrong??

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