Happy Due Date!


Happy Due Date (and Halloween)!
by Laura

I’ve been absolutely terrible about updating anyone or really keeping much record at all of these past nine months – I’m sorry! I’m sure that I will come to regret this in the years to come. We didn’t really do the whole "Profile Picture Once a Week, Belly Expanding, Time-Lapse" thing. In fact, until recently I think I’ve got like three pictures of the whole pregnancy!

The pregnancy itself, to be honest, has actually been pretty hard. For seven-and-a-half months I threw up almost everyday, many times a day. I became very familiar with the nuances of our bathroom tile patterns, that is for sure. I also got to experience pretty much every single other pregnancy discomfort on the list…and believe me, there are a LOT of them! :p But, at least it isn’t like being sick with the flu, where you’ve got all that junk and there is nothing good at the end. At least with this, there is a blessed purpose! That is what has kept me going and kept me really excited! And I am not about to deny what an incredible miracle this little baby is, or how amazing it is that I’m even pregnant (for those of you who don’t know, our doctor told us it would be impossible because of my polycystic ovarian syndrome) – so I’m very, very grateful!  I can’t wait to see this precious little baby and hold him or her in my arms!

The last five or six weeks everything has gotten a lot better, and with the exception of a few ribs out of whack, I’m feeling GREAT! In a practical sense, we’re almost ready – the nursery is almost done, I’ve almost tied up loose ends at work, etc. – we’re just playing the waiting game now :)

I’m really excited to see Brian as a Dad…I think he is going to be absolutely amazing!  He has been so encouraging, patient and supportive of me through this time. Two weekends ago we went away to my parents’ lakehouse and took that time to reflect and reminisce on the last three and a half years. One of the things we did was to fill out a memory book called “The Book of Us” and it was so sweet to think back on these past several years together.  As much as I’m looking forward to this new little family member, I’m also processing/mourning the loss of it being just me and Brian.  The time away helped me feel better about the closing of this “season” and the opening of the next.  We dreamed of the future and all it holds – I’m definitely looking forward to this next chapter and I can’t wait to hold our baby in my arms!  But I’m grateful, too, that this baby will be adding to, instead of making, our joy.

We are planning on giving birth at the Birth and Women’s Center in downtown Dallas next to Baylor Hospital.  It is this beautiful old Victorian house that they’ve made into a birthing center.  My care provider is a midwife and she has been incredible. The plan is to go natural unless something comes up where medical intervention is necessary (and then I’m all for it!). To help prepare for this we took Bradley Classes which are focused on delivering naturally, and I’ve been reading "Christ-Centered Childbirth" — I’m really looking forward to the labor and delivery being something that Brian, God and I do together to bring this precious baby into the world.  I have had several friends give birth at the BWC, the first being sweet Susan, who wrote this article about it all:

I got to be in the room as Kyla came into the world, and it was a truly ethereal, supernatural (and very, very safe — for all of you who might be worried ;)) experience that convinced Brian and I that that route would be right for us.

We don’t know the sex of the baby. Brian really, really wanted to wait until the birth to find out but I was dying to know as soon as we could!  Since he has given in on so many other things (and was even willing to give in on this!) I figured this was something I could do for him that would make him really happy.  I must say that it has been easier than I thought, but I still can’t wait to know!

If it is a boy, his name will be Jonas Paul, and if it is a girl, her name will be Clara Jane.  I really thought I would have a “mother’s intuition” about it, but I have NO idea if it is a boy or girl! The due date was today, October 31st, but it looks like it will be November before Baby Rhea decides to make his or her grand entrance. In the words of my chiropractor, “You aren’t having that baby on time.  You don’t look miserable enough yet.”  I know he or she will come at the time God has ordained, and we will continue to eagerly anticipate that time!  Here is a picture of my halloween costume with our lil’ pumpkin’…

Pumpkin_side   Pumpkin_front_3

In case you’re interested in seeing some more pictures, Brian took some photos at my parents’ house and we also went to the Botanical Garden here in Grapevine and he worked up a sweat running back and forth to the tripod in the 90+ heat!

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! 

6 thoughts on “Happy Due Date!”

  1. Laura … thank you for sharing. It was so sweet to read your reflections and thoughts on your past nine months. I’m really excited for you guys and know how special the time will be when your baby arrives. I can’t wait to meet your little person! :)

  2. I really like the pics… Brian did such an awesome job taking them… Can’t wait to hold Jonas or Clara. The waiting after the due date is always the longest period of a pregnancy… The waiting game now begins… :)

  3. I’m so excited for you guys!! I know the waiting is just killing you!! Brian did do an awesome job with the pictures!! You guys look so cute!!! 😀
    Love yall!! And cant wait to see yall in a FEW days 😉

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