One Week “Overdue”

So, we’ve been telling ourselves all along, "October 31st is just an estimate, babies develop at much different rates once they’re born, it stands to reason that they do the same in the womb. Our baby will be born when they’re ready to be born and in God’s perfect timing." But still. To see the 31st come and go was a bit of a let down no matter how much we’d prepared ourselves for it.

And now, here we are one week later, still waiting on this little baby to show him or herself. We’re doing well, praying for patience and just trying to enjoy the anticipation. It’s like the ultimate in waiting for Christmas except that it’s better than any gift we’ve ever received and we have no idea when we’re going to be allowed to open it.

Laura went to the midwife today and there wasn’t much progress to report. They did a stress test on the baby and everything looks great! Healthy, presumably happy, and obviously very comfortable!

10 thoughts on “One Week “Overdue””

  1. It must be a girl!!! They like to keep you waiting. Lets see, she missed my b/d and Jacob’s b/d today. Who is next? Uncle Earl’s b/d is the 9th. :)
    WE are with you in spirit tho not in body.

  2. I Think It’s Going to be a GIRL…. But What ever it is, I wish you and Brian all the best. The baby will be born when God says it’s time. Best Wishes to you both.
    Leslie ( IBC )

  3. God has given us all a gift on this day. A new addition to the Rhea family is a wonderful addition to the world. Congrats!

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