A Week and a Couple Hundred Pictures Later…

Clara turned seven days old this morning and already several things are clear:

  1. I’m going to need an external hard-drive to store photographs. At the current rate of shutter snapage I will have eleventy billion "Aw, isn’t that cute!" poses by the New Year.
  2. Becoming a dad activated an enzyme in my sympathetic nervous system which will now allow me to sleep through natural disasters, a jet plane buzzing our roof, or a screaming baby a scant five feet away. Throughout our marriage, I’ve been the light sleeper; able to be nimble and alert at a moment’s notice. Lately: not so much with the nimble alertness. After several terribly frustrating nights of Laura trying to wake me up to help with the baby, and my full-on grogginess rendering me as useless as a bucket of doorknobs, I went to our friendly (but still over-priced) neighborhood Tom Thumb and bought the strongest coffee I could find. Now, when it’s clear that I’m going to need to be up with CJ for a bit, I brew it up and hunker down.
  3. Clara digs Radiohead. About a month ago, Laura put together a New Dad gift basket for me and in it she included a really sweet find. Rockabye Baby takes the music of contemporary bands and reimagines them as lullabies. We got Radiohead and Tool, so whenever I take Clara in to her nursery to change, I hit play and she loves it.


6 thoughts on “A Week and a Couple Hundred Pictures Later…”

  1. What a precious sleeping angel… I can’t wait to hold her again… Didn’t get enough of her last week. Give her sugars for me & tell her that we love her so much & can’t wait to see her.

  2. Oh my, what a darling little angel. I am going to steal it. Did you know that she is on the Tattler. I have to have that pic there. :) Can I?
    Love you all bunches.

  3. What a beautiful picture! But how can it not be when the subject is absolutely gorgeous?! I feel your pain on the sleepless nights thing. All I can say is to try and snag a nap whenever you can, and just persevere. Although I know it seems like it now, it won’t go on forever! Good luck and lots of hugs!

  4. I had (still have) this same problem waking Scott to help during the night. A crying child still doesn’t even stir him…UNLESS…they are crying out “DADDY”. Somehow that startles him right to wide awake in a hurry. So, a couple years from now when Clara is old enough to talk and has a bad dream or is sick…teach her to cry for Daddy – that does the trick! For now…sorry Laura…hope the coffee is helping:)

  5. I saw that picture on mom’s desktop at StarNet and I LOVE IT!!!!! Its so cute!!! She looks like she is just chillin’ and enjoying the day….

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