9 thoughts on “Good Luck Baby! Class of ’30”

  1. Oh No, she has to be a LONGHORN.
    OOPS, just remembered, MOM went to college at Aggie Land.
    What ever she is, she will be a shining star. Love you Clara Jane.

  2. Cute pics. I was kind of hoping she might consider Carthage College, the “Harvard of the Midwest” for her college experience! And, in all fairness, I have a baby pic taken last week where Clara’s hand is making the “Hook ’em Horns” sign. Maybe it was just a muscle spasm, or gas or something…

  3. Dude, used to you never made post…now I cant keep up with you!!! hehehe guess babies do change things 😉
    I love the outfit!! She is just so cute!!!!!!!! 😀
    Love you guys!!!

  4. Poor baby Clara!! Trinity will teach her soon enough – Boo Aggies – Go Horns!!
    Can’t wait to see you (I’ll bring you something Orange too!!)

  5. I’m not sure that’s her color…I’m thinking, particularly if she has some of that beautiful red hair, she might want to try burnt orange….you know – that place where “What starts here changes the world!” -and Clara will be a world changing kind of girl! OK OK – I’m all for children choosing their own path, and there are some Aggies I love dearly – but I may wave that orange flag every now and then…

  6. ohhh!!! concratz!!! i’m so happy 😀 it made my day when i saw all these pictures. i’m happy for you all 😀
    carlos and i would like to invite you and your baby to the lan party on friday the 7th of december at smith. :]
    we can have mad guitar hero battles.

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