DIY Newborn Pics

Laura and I have been wanting to get some artsy shots of Clara. You know the really great newborn photos where they’re sleeping in a little ball, resting perfectly in their mother’s arms or their father’s hands. Typically, extremely fluffy blankets are also involved. Also, lambs.

Saturday, we took Clara to the Botanical Gardens in Grapevine to give it our best shot.

Complete. Failure.


And it only got worse from there, so we packed up our basket o’ blankets (and a few stuffed lambs) and took it to the house.

That night, at her midnight feeding, I couldn’t get her to wake up so I thought, "Might as well make this work for me!" So, I put her in the little basket, put a white sheet on the wall and floor of the kitchen and started snapping. I am pretty happy with how a few of these turned out!






6 thoughts on “DIY Newborn Pics”

  1. How precious you are sweetie!! You must be a pretty hard sleeper like your Papaw to have slept thru all that. Glad your Daddy got some good pictures of you!!! Love you & see you soon… *SWAK*

  2. How precious. She will love these when she is a teenager!!! Just you wait and see.
    Can’t wait to hold her, she is so beautiful.

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