Clara is Baby Jesus.

No, that is not a blasphemous overstatement by a proud father, it is merely a fact. Sort of.

At this year’s Holy Cross Episcopal Church Christmas Pageant in Paris, Texas, they needed a Baby Jesus who would "not be able to sit up in the manger". Clara, being just six weeks old, fit the bill perfectly!

It was especially touching because on that very weekend four years earlier, December 20th, 2003, Laura and I stood in that very place and spoke our wedding vows to one another, committed our lives and our hearts to one another. The same stained glass window we knelt before as we prayed for mercy and for blessing now looked down on a promise fulfilled.


Longtime readers might remember our adventures in Wyoming as we made our way to Grand Teton National Park. The short of it is that when we rolled in to Jackson, WY late at night looking for a hotel room instead of moving forward with our original plan of setting up camp in the park itself, we were met with nothing but No Vacancy signs throughout the entire town. Not a single room. As I said then, I’m not trying to say anything about our child…but Laura’s pregnant and there were no rooms in the Inns! So, this fun little addition to our first Christmas season with Clara added even more humor to that memory!

Clara "performed" perfectly in her first starring role. That is to say, she slept throughout the entire thing! We had a lot of fun with it and there will be plenty of photos and video to show her when she gets older. Afterwards, Paul (Laura’s dad, Clara’s Papi) said, "Hmm…if Laura is Mary, Brian is Joseph, and Clara is Jesus…what does that make me?!"

3 thoughts on “Clara is Baby Jesus.”

  1. WOW… THAT’s Amazing. That is sooo kool. She did such a good job. You guys played the part so well. I would have never though of doing that. I guess that’s why you got the brains and I don’t. She sure is a beautiful little girl.

  2. It is the natural actress in her already. Of course she did sleep on the job… oh well… :) She is such a sweetie. Kisses for her from Mamaw!!! XOXOXOXO

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