Sigur Ros and The Haystack

A GrapevineRhea favorite, Sigur Ros, released a glorious DVD/CD set that L’s parents gifted to me for my 33rd birthday. Just kidding. 28th. But, it has actually begun to happen where I have to think about how old I am.

I remember my dad doing this when I was a kid. I remember him saying, "Ohhh, what am I, 32…33?" And I’d think he had to be joking around. How can you not know how old you are?! I know the exact number of days between now and my next birthday and the countdown calendar is under my bed ready to be posted for all to see when the time comes!

But it has come to pass.

Back to Sigur Ros. They’re from Iceland, and you’d think that not being able to understand their lyrics would get in the way of appreciating their music. Not the case. Along with her Rockabye Baby Radiohead CD, this Sigur Ros CD is in heavy rotation in Clara’s nursery and she loves them. One track always makes her smile, "Heysatan". Don’t freak out. That does not mean, "Howdy, Lucifer." It is "The Haystack" in Icelandic. Video and english translation below…

The stack of hay
Had them all calm
But I mowed
I mowed fields
I have mowed enough
But I moved
The stack of hay
Then begins to blow out the door
Out into the field (I dragged)
A wagon of hay on a Massey Ferguson
‘Cause he gave in
And I slipped…
I was first
And now rest here
With a folded cap
And now loll my head here,

Beautiful words…and I often think of this Van Gogh painting when I hear this song:


US Senate Race in Texas : 6 Weeks to Primary

Seven weeks ago, I hadn’t decided between Corpus Christi Teacher, Ray
McMurrey, and Texas House Rep. Rick Noriega. As of today, I have to say
that I am 100% certain that I will vote for Ray McMurrey, and if you
plan on voting in the Democratic Primary on March 4th, I encourage you
to do the same.

Last week, I called the McMurrey campaign headquarters
and ended up speaking to Ray himself. Throughout the conversation he
returned again and again to his contention that our Government no
longer protects the middle class. He talked to me about the need to
make health care and higher education more affordable for more
Americans; the need to protect the environment (Texas leads the U.S. in
greenhouse gas emissions and emits more than #2 California and #3
Pennsylvania combined); and the need for Clean Elections.

On Thursday night, I heard him speak to the Coppell/Valley Ranch Democrats and he
proved once again that he deserves our votes. Take a few minutes and watch his speech below:

Not only has McMurrey been an impressive candidate, but Noriega has been a disappointing one.

  • He has so far refused to agree to a debate with Ray
    McMurrey. In 2006, when Kay Bailey Hutchison would not agree to debate
    Barbara Ann Radnofsky, many people were rightly upset. A candidate who
    refuses to debate their opponent automatically loses my vote as a
    matter of principle.
  • Noriega’s web site is noticeably missing an "Issues" page. I said
    before that reading his Bio page was satisfactory, but after reading
    several accounts of how absent his stump speeches are of issues-related
    content, it becomes more problematic. I think that Rick Noriega’s
    background has without a doubt prepared him to be a good Senator, I’m
    not questioning that. I’m just saying that if one candidate speaks
    about issues precisely and with a clear understanding, while the other
    doesn’t, a voter is left with little choice.
  • He has accepted money from Bob Perry as early as 2001. Bob Perry is a
    registered lobbyist who was involved in creating the "Swift Boat" ads
    in 2004 which blatantly mischaracterized John Kerry’s service in

I’m looking forward to voting for fellow teacher Ray McMurrey in the March 4th Democratic primary.