9 thoughts on “Clara’s New Trick…Baby Talk!”

  1. Oh My Goodness!! This is just so incredible!!!! I cannot remember this amazing feat being performed by my own children at such a young age! (Of course, I’ve forgotten more than just a few things…) And I miss that precious angel so very much that seeing a video of her made today(!) by pressing a key on my computer is totatlly awesome!

  2. Well I have to say I’m not surprised. This family produces little geniuses!! Seriously, though, that is too cute. For a split second she and B were “howling” at the same time–they looked like little hound dogs!! Isn’t it fun when they start to interact and their little personality begins to shine? I wish I could’ve seen her this weekend! We missed her at the party! But I bet she looked beautiful at her dedication today. Give her a big kiss for me!

  3. YEAH!!!! It works at the office… how precious!!! Having a conversation with her daddy!!! How sweet is that… Kisses from Mamaw…

  4. OH MY GOODNESS Mr. Rhea! SHES TRULY AN ANGEL =] Shes like a teddy bear…i just wanna hug her lol <3 You should really consider me, Emily, Echo, Kiruu and Andi babysitting sometime lol. So how are you and how is Mrs. Rhea? TAKE CAREEEE
    xoxo Zaraaa!

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