Last Week

ok, here I am…week 2 of my new goal! 😀 

Last weekend we had a garage sale with our home group/bible study…it is amazing how junk adds up! 😀  In spite of 32 degree weather and a very cranky-me (why can’t all the garage-sale goers get together and decide that 9 a.m.would be a good time to start instead of right-after-the-sun-comes-up?  There were literally people helping us unload before 7 am.  and when I say "us," I mean Gordon and Brian.  I mean, SOMEONE had to stay inside with the babies! ;)), we raised enough money to buy a well for a whole village in Sudan through Water is Basic (  What a great feeling — to see things that have been collecting dust in our garage get new life, and the money paid for it to give clean water to those who need it! 



(it warmed up :D)


This past weekend we hosted a children’s ministry conference at IBC.  good stuff! Brian is officially on Spring Break — yay!!  Because this upcoming weekend is Easter, which makes it a big week at work for me, we’re not going anywhere, but Brian has a few projects around the house and a sweet little bean to keep him happy this week!  Today, Larr and Christi visited us.  It was SO great to get to see them and spend time with them!   


Clara loved being with her Aunt Chris and Uncle Larr.

And there you have it 😀

3 thoughts on “Last Week”

  1. Man, we missed out on the garage sale! Looks like y’all had fun! So, you’ve officially inspired me to update our blog…I’ll do that now =). Love you guys!

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