7 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter!”

  1. How cute is that!?!?! She is just a hippity hopper isn’t she. I bet she will enjoy many many hours of jumping in her jumper… mom & dad will like it also… Aidan really liked his at our house but Sophie missed out on it. I don’t know where the one I had went. Give her sugars for Mamaw & Papaw… *SWAK*

  2. Toooooooo Cute! This darling picture of precious Clara now covers my desktop, and I love to walk in the room and see her peering around the tree at me! Great shot, Dad! Great hold, Mom!

  3. that little angel is darling…she’s also my new desktop and goes along on a number of my emails to say “Hi” to friends. She has “hopped” into all our hearts! Nice grass in the picture. Who planted that?

  4. One more comment, based on this pic and some of your previous ones, especially the “art” ones. I have shown this recent
    “Hoppy” pic to a ton of people and based on their comments to that pic and many of your other pics, you all should consider starting your own baby picture taking service, like you see at Sears, or Walmart. Only your’s are even more professional than those…I’m serious, you all have a knack! Just think, a little more professional equip, some backdrops, lighting, etc…I mean the people I talk to are PAYING customers. I know not all subjects are like the little angel Clara, but come on, a big part of it is the person behind the lens. Just my humble thoughts. When can Mimi and I schedule our portraits?

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