Second Half of March

The last few weeks have been busy and fun! 

We started off with Clara’s 4 month appointment – our little chunky monkey is, to quote the doctor, “the size of an average 8 month old.”  What a little cutie!!  Everything checked out healthy and well, and she got her second round of vaccinations. 


here she is giving Brian a head scratch…soooo funny!


Then the IBC Easter Picnic happened, the Saturday before Easter Sunday – something I’m the coordinator for but is definitely a huge team effort!  It was SO much fun!!  About 1,800 people came and enjoyed a petting zoo, egg hunts, face painting, carnival games, bounces houses, entertainment, clowns, crafts, and an Easter Path.  My prayer was that it would be a sweet time for families to celebrate together what that weekend is all about, and lead to conversations about just that between kids and their parents, as well as be a comfortable, fun first entry into our community for many from “outside our walls”.  I was very excited and praising God to see both happening!  Brian overheard one little boy say very solemnly to his parents, “This is the best day of my whole entire life.”  That made it all worth it right there!    


The next day was Easter Sunday.  What a sweet day!  I was full of joy all day…it was so great to see so many dear faces at church, and see new faces, too!  Brian was back teaching in the Adventure Zone for a few of the services, for the first time since we had Clara, and I loved getting to share that again and seeing him “in action” with three year-olds – what a gift he has!  (“being really goofy” IS definitely a gift ;))  I didn’t think I was going to get to go to church myself since I usually don’t on Easter Sunday and other big days, but because of my sweet friend Kristi, I did!  Except that right as I was leaving the hallway, Ramona (our precious nursery director) came and got me because Clara was so upset.  I rushed down there right away to find a VERY angry little bean.  She was pretty hysterical, so I took her from the very nice, bewildered nursery volunteer and tried to comfort her.  She was just tired, and wasn’t able to go to sleep.  I ended up putting her in a swing in an empty room and that really calmed her down.  And we sat there, just me and my precious daughter, as she whimpered her way to sleep.  As I sat by her missing church, I thought how there really was no where I would rather be, and no other way I would rather be spending my Easter.  Wasn’t that day about a Father’s Love?  A Father’s love for All of His children, a love that since becoming a mother I feel so much more deeply, intimately connected to, while at the same time, more overwhelmed by and unable to comprehend than ever.  Because as I watched my daughter rocking, I couldn’t imagine ever giving her up for anyone, or anything – especially for someone as undeserving as me.  And yet He did!  What amazing love!!


Brian and I had a really fun date night when my parents were in town – we had these old “main event” gift cards we’ve been meaning to use FOREVER so that is where we headed…and discovered that they had expired 3 years ago. Ooops.  When I said, “forever” I didn’t realize it had really been THAT long! :O  But we stayed anyway and had SO MUCH FUN!!!  Please mami and papi, will you visit on a Tuesday half-price night again soon???  😉  We played air hockey, a western shooter game, some other arcade games….and then…the most awesome….laser tag.  It was a blast!!  I had no idea it could be so fun!  We ended up playing twice we loved it so much the first time, and while I don’t think the CIA will be coming recruiting anytime soon, we did hold on our pretty well.  Our team lost (really, really bad) the first time, and won the second.  It being our date night, you would think it would have been this really bonding time of partnership where we struck out together and took fire for the other, but no…I’m too independent for that.  I like to do my own thing, and was gone in no time. But what was REALLY cute was this group of 10 year old-ish boys that latched onto Brian and decided he was their general (no lie, one says to two of his friends, “follow this guy!  He knows what he’s doing!” and the other two straighten up and salute him and shout, “sir, yes, sir!”). Of course, being the great middle-school teacher he is, he plays right along, taking it just as seriously as they were taking it all! 

In other REALLY BIG NEWS we found out that the 96 Corolla, Brian’s first car that he bought by himself, finally had to be let go.  She has served him and us very well for the last 9 years!!  She had 160,000 miles and was starting to make some VERY scary noises….not to mention a many-cracked windshield, no a/c in four summers, and did I mention you have to unlock it from the passenger side door?  She needed about 2K worth of work, so we decided…it is time.  So we went to Toyota of Grapevine, and after SIX hours of negotiations (go Brian!!  He did so good!) we walked out with the keys to a 2009….Matrix!  yes, we got another matrix!   we’ve just loved mine so much and we did research other options, but this just seemed to make the most sense to us for a number of reasons: good gas mileage, which is better for us financially and better for the environment, great hauling capacity (has anyone NOT heard about how I got a full washer AND dryer into the matrix?), will last for years and years, and, while a bigger car would definitely be more convenient and there are days I Really wish we had something bigger, in the end, philosophically speaking, we prefer the smaller.

Good bye Corolla!!  Many great memories in this car for Brian…so many trips back and forth to school in Commerce, out climbing in West Virginia, Denton, camping, Polk…


But there are many new memories to be made!


and now…Happy Opening Day!! C’mon boys, make her first year a good one!


After a long day of being cute…bath time!


8 thoughts on “Second Half of March”

  1. Now let me tell you, that is a great post and so much fun to read. And all of those glorious pictures. Thank you, thank you Laura. I get up, make coffee and go see who has a new post. That one was fun.
    Give that plump pumpkin a big kiss for Mema.

  2. Yep… alotta news in a short time.. Love it. Love the new car, so glad everything Easter went good & our sweet little Clara… What a great Easter pic of you three… That will get printed out!!! Thanx so much for all the news & pics. *SWAK*

  3. L, you always did have a way with words. What a great post! Awesome car, B! Big hugs to the Grapevine Rheas!

  4. Loved the post, pics and stories. the part about you sitting quietly with your daughter on Easter in a little empty room was precious and brought tears to this old man’s eyes…tear’s and memories of those precious private times I had with you all. thanks for bringing back those memories.
    Brian…I love your new car…reminds me of one of my first cars…oops Betty is calling me. later…

  5. Nice car! And … your little “chunky monkey” (which is also my endearing new name for Ollie since he’s a bit rounder these days) is so stinkin cute.

  6. Thanks for the new post and pictures Laura!! Clara is just getting more and more adorable!!! I cant wait to see her again!!
    Sounds like you guys had a busy month!
    Love the new car B!!

  7. You probably don’t remember us, but my husband and I were the Campground Hosts @ Jenny Lake Campground when you camped there last summer. I googled JL last Fall and came upon your website. I have enjoyed your baby pictures so much because as I remember, you like my daughter, did not know that your were having an adorable little girl. She is just beautiful!!!, and this is from a grandmother of 3. Take care, and if you ever come back to Jenny Lake, you can count on us to babysit!
    F. Adams

  8. I LOVE the Easter pic! Laura you are beautiful! Love your dress! Clara is SO super cute!!
    P.S. Brian you look great as well! 😉

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