Brian’s New Business Venture


Well, this is sort of a long story and it’s come about over the course of several months, but I’ve recently been hired by a promotional products marketing company called Boundless Network.

I’ll be working part-time and I’ve already been having a lot of fun diving in to the training and learning as much as I can. Pretty much everyone’s first question has been about teaching, so the answer is yes, I am still teaching and I still love it. But, this opportunity presented itself as flexible and full of potential so I’ve decided to act on it.

After a couple of interviews and a tour of their offices in Addison and Fort Worth, I was really impressed with the level of professionalism surrounding this company. So, when I received my offer letter and contract, I had to stop and wonder, "What do they want with a middle school art teacher?" The bottom line is that I was simply in the right place at the right time; I was lucky to get my foot in the door and they think that I’ve got the sort of skills that are necessary to do this job well. I’ve got my mind set on proving them right.

My goal is to offer creative services, reliable promotional product sourcing and excellent customer service.

So, what is a promotional product? It’s anything that’s been branded with a company’s logo…common items are pens and mugs, but they also range in to higher-end items as well (keep your eye out at home and work and you’ll be amazed at how many logo’d pieces you start to notice). Still, that’s just the very tip of the iceberg and there are tons of available options that can help promote an event in a creative and relevant way.

My site is at … I’ll keep you all posted on how things are going!

4 thoughts on “Brian’s New Business Venture”

  1. Brian,
    Congratulations on this new venture. I am really proud of you! We hope we can help spread the word that there is a new option for getting what I know are excellent products and even more importantly, excellent,competent, and indiviualized customer service. Best luck

  2. Good luck with the new venture Brian!! I know we are going to want to do some kind of promotion here at the Gallery and will be needing pens pretty soon!! 😀 I’m really happy we will be able to get it all from you now!!! I’ll help spread the word too…I know a lot of people are always looking for promitional items here in Paris, but no one in Paris offers them…that I know of anyways :)
    Love ya!

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