6 thoughts on “Twist your head and see Clara smiling”

  1. One of those times when a laptop really comes in handy!! just turn the screen!! 😉
    How cute is she!?!!?!?!? She is growing up way to fast and we don’t get to see her enough!!
    Love you guys!!

  2. It is so hard to believe that she is so active and big. I have only seen her twice. How sad.
    She is a doll and I am making her something. Almost have Sophie’s finished then will start on one for Clara.
    Just can’t wait to see her again, and you two also of course.
    Much Love, Mema

  3. Yeah!!! a new video for us to watch… what a sweet little doll she is… I don’t know any kid who didn’t love jumping in one of those things… Give her sugars for Mamaw & Papaw…

  4. I love this…thanks for sharing. I have such fond memories of Laura and Kristi doing this. They loved it also…got so good they could jump up and touch the ceiling! We called the device the “Johnny Jump Up”…brand name I think. From the looks of Clara, I think she is real close to being ready for her first parachute jump…she certainly has the landing down!

  5. Go, CJ, go! She’s like this precious little jumping bean isn’t she? She’s got such a sweet laugh…and she’s gonna have buns and thighs of steel from all that jumping! Big hugs to the G-vine Rheas!

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