Memorial Day is for…Swimming!

I grew up in our pool…Kris and I would spend hours and hours out there from March (when our lips were blue and shivering) until October (hey, it's texas) making up games and splashing around.  I had my first swim lesson when I was 9 months old, and can imagine I was one sun-lotion-caked little baby!  There was, in fact, a good chunk of my life that I wanted to be a "mermaid" when I grew up…imagine my disappointment when I realized that wasn't an option!  So of course, Clara getting in the water and swimming has been something I've been REALLY looking forward to! 

We have a teeny tiny little inflatable baby "pool" — I think it is actually supposed to be a bathtub, but it is the perfect size for a little squirmy doesn't-sit-reliably-on-her-own baby that is slippier in the water than a greased pig.  and so memorial day seemed like the perfect day to fill it up and let her have at it!  She loved splashing around and kicking the water.  She even leaned back with her arms out and legs kicked up, just relaxing – it was cracking us up!  It was a fun "first," even if Brian and I wound up just as wet as she did! 




8 thoughts on “Memorial Day is for…Swimming!”

  1. Laura,
    These pictures are so adorable! Oh how fun to swim in the backyard. It’s definitely hot enough in Texas for swimming. I’m glad you guys had such a fun time!

  2. Too cute!! We would love to have you guys over for a swim in our neighborhood pool. Paige would love splashing with Clara!!

  3. How fun is that!!?? I’ll bet she had a blast… she will have to come up & play with Aidan & Sophia in our “big” pool… Give “our little mermaid” kisses…

  4. Oh how sweet. What fun for a little girl. Teach her to swim early.
    Can’t wait to see you guys soon. Much love.

  5. That’s too cute! She’s lovin’ that water, isn’t she?! I’ve got an old bathing suit of Sophie’s that I’m gonna give you guys the next time I see you. I’m sure she enjoys her European-style topless expeditions, but seriously…this suit is so precious!

  6. Oh my goodness how fun and precious!!! Looks like you are going to have a fun summer ahead of “swimming” with Clara! Love, Jamie

  7. She looks like she is just loving that little pool!! How fun!! Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!
    Sorry that Mermaid wasn’t an option Laura, I shared in your dissapointment… 😉

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