May, Part 1

May was an awesome month!  We got to watch Clara grow and become even more adorable, and enjoy some perfect weather!  It was so nice that we took a walk most evenings down to Oak Grove Park, which is on the shore of Lake Grapevine.  It is a really nice 10 minute walk through some woods and then we played Bocce Ball in the Park.  I like this game because each “round” is different and I can actually hold my own against Brian in it, and Brian likes it because, well, it’s a game, and he likes anything that involves hand-eye coordination and keeping score.  Clara would sit in her stroller and we would take her from pitch to pitch with us and she would just watch, being cute.  This is her on one of those nights doing her (at the time) new favorite thing – sticking her tongue out. 

Here is a picture of Clara sleeping.  I have become one of those moms who really does go watch their baby while they sleep because it is just so darn sweet!  What’s funny is she usually sleeps in one of two positions – on her tummy and knees, with her hiney hiked up in the air (seriously, I don’t know how she sleeps like that…but that is her primary sleep position) or flat on her tummy with a slight lean to one side and one leg down and one leg pulled all the way up and bent…which is exactly how I sleep.  crazy, huh?!   of course, this is a picture of neither of those, because I wanted to get her sweet face :) 


The first weekend we went to the wedding of Marianna and Ben – Marianna is a good friend from college, and we are so happy for them!  They are so great together!  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and so fun to see them in such bliss and to get to see so many old friends.


We stayed with another dear friend from college, Tiffany, and her husband Jason.  They just bought their first house in Houston and since Tiffany is an interior designer, we were taking all sorts of notes!  This is Tiffany (on my left) and Korie (my college roomate; a bridesmaid) and me. 


Since we were down in Houston (and probably reducing our lifetime exponentially by the lung-clogging pollution and blood-pressure-increasing traffic…oh, how I loathe me some Houston) we decided to have a little fun on Sunday since I had the day off (I will begrudgingly say this about Houston – it does have some great museums).  One we had not been to yet was the Museum on Natural Science and History.  and we were not disappointed!  It had some fascinating exhibits on dinosaurs, the elements, energy and drilling.  Yes, I said drilling, like for oil.  Would you believe that Brian spent a TON of time completely entranced learning about off shore oil drilling?!  He was soooooooooooo into it!  It really is pretty amazing how they do that!



Will she be a scientist?! 

The next weekend one of my best friends from college, Nicole, and her wonderful husband Ben, visited!  They live in Washington, D.C. so it was a very special treat!  It was so great to get to catch up witih them – we always pick up right where we left off.


and then….my very first Mother’s Day!!  It was one of the best days of my whole life.  I was on cloud nine the whole day…Brian made it so special, and of course, Clara made it so special!  I kept thanking her all day for making me a “mommy.”  I’m especially grateful that I get to be her mommy.  Is that not the cutest face you’ve ever seen?


Brian made me breakfast in bed and then we went to church.  Brian came and taught a class, and it is always so precious to get to do ministry together.  We went out to lunch and then I got to take a nap!  Nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap…  I went back to church for the evening services and then we went out to eat again (no cooking on Mother’s Day!).  We went to Joe’s, which is quickly becoming my favorite Italian restaurant nearby.  It is still no Cappizzi’s, but *sigh* I’m resigned to realizing nothing ever will be.  But this will be our Grapevine-substitute.  Brian made dessert!  It was an “edible arrangement” and it was beautiful and yummy!!  Have you ever heard of edible arrangements?  Check out the pictures on that link of what they’re “supposed” to look like!  well, here is Brian’s version:


I think the homemade version is much better; what about you?!

Then we watched a movie and Clara fell asleep on my chest and I just kept holding her, feeling blessed beyond all measure.  What a perfect day!


We had an IBC Staff and Families Volleyball tournament that was lots of fun.  I must say, I had no idea how good Brian is at volleyball. WOW! :O  Everyone was pretty impressed!  That boy can hit some volleyballs!  and, I think he thinks it extra fun when he dives into the sand to do it.  His team won the whole tournament!!  It was a great day and on a happy sidenote, we finally discovered the greatest sunblock in the world – the kind that sprays on like bug repellant.  life-changing.


We went and saw the Rangers beat the Mariners in Clara Jane’s first Rangers game.  I think this was a dream come true for her ol’ Dad.  I must say, she wasn’t REAL into it, and even took a nap halfway through, but all in all, she seemed right at home at a ball game.


Several days a week, I go into the office for work and I take Clara to work with me, and she is in “Kids Klub” at the church (soooooo wonderful that I get to be so close to her, and know and trust and adore the people taking care of her) and then some days I work at home.  This works out well because Clara is such a great napper AND when she is up, she is very content to play by herself.  So I work while she plays nearby.  Here is a picture of Clara “hanging out” during the day.  She was being so cute just chillin’ in her walker I had to take some pics! 



and of course, I can take care of her when she needs to be taken care of!  and then I just work in the evening some when Brian gets home. It is a wonderful team effort! 

Brian had the Friday of Memorial Day weekend off, so we headed out to my parents’ lake house and had some relaxing fun with Mimi and Papi!  It was so nice to be out on the water, sleeping in and playing games.  Here Clara is on her first boat ride ever!  



here are the two captains! 

More to come, very soon!

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  1. Was going back thru these 2 great posts & realized I hadn’t commented on neither one. I loved them both. I really really really would love to have some of those pics in a larger version so I can print them out. How can we do that? Looks like a true little ranger in the making there… Glad yall enjoy going to the games. Clara is such a sweetie… sure did enjoy her being here.

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