May, Part II

(be sure to read “May, Part I” first! :))

On the actual Memorial Day, Brian and I took a “daycation” and went down to Dublin, Texas, where the oldest Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in the world is.  It is a really pretty drive southwest of Fort Worth, and ends in a cute little town, who is all about their Dr. Pepper!  It is the only plant that still uses the original recipe, which includes cane sugar (rather than corn syrup) and ooooooooo is it yummy!!!  Brian loooooooooves Dr. Pepper, so this was a real treat!  We toured the plant and a teeny little museum with an awesome guide (I think he might have been so entertaining because of the 10 DPs he had already had that day!). 



(Clara Jane is playing with a cup here…no worries, having her own DP is waaaaaaaay off ;))


This is great…the equipment is so old (built in 1891; newest piece is from the 60’s) it is hard to replace things and to repair it.  When it became a requirement to “date stamp” products so that they can be thrown out when they pass their time, this is the piece of equipment they added…a marker that swipes each botte as it passes, thus “date stamping” it, and they change the marker color each month.  As in, “brown marker was May of 08…it’s now June of 09, so better throw that DP out!”


In “Ol’ Doc’s Soda Shop”



We checked out the annual “Main Street Days” in Grapevine and enjoyed walking around checking out the booths and entertainment.  Kristi, my sister, works for GRACE in Grapevine, and volunteered in a booth to help out, and we visited her!



Brian checked out a Hummer…not sure if he liked it or not…


That night we went to a very bittersweet party…it was a going away party for our dear friends Shaun and Kyndra.  Shaun is one of Brian’s thoseawake buddies, and has been an incredible influence and inspiration to Brian the past few years.  They are moving to Reno, Nevada so Shaun can attend grad school and Kyndra can do her OT internship.  We are so sad to see them go, but excited for them as they enter this new season! 


Clara also said good-bye to her Kids Day Out teachers – her very first teachers!  They loved her so much and took such sweet care of her.  Here she is with Mrs. Jennifer:


And Mrs. Judy:


We went to a “Murder Mystery Dinner” at the church one evening along with our home group…something I have ALWAYS wanted to do!!  It was a lot of fun, but, there is definitely no future for me in forensics or crime prevention — I had NO idea how it happened and was pretty shocked when it did!  Here are the girls (it was a “cruise” theme)…


Here are some pictures of us just hanging out…


These are the kinds of times I don’t want to forget…. :)





boy, did I get some wear out of that shirt in May or what?!!  I’m just realizing how much I wore it doing this post…I swear I washed it! 

Here Clara is getting tickled by Dad…squealing with laughter!


She really perfected the art of “rolling” in May – it was a major mode of transportation!  It was crazy how quick she could get from one side of the room to the other just by rolling.  There was once that I looked away for two seconds and the next thing I knew she had managed to get over to a pair of my shoes and had one end of a shoe stuck in her mouth, just sucking away – YUCK!  That was when I realized…the time of being able to decide exactly where she is going to play is over!  She also got a lot better at using her hands -being able to really manipulate things with her fingers, pick things up with her feet, pulling things as little as a piece of hair (typically one she ripped out of my head!) off of her dress and consider it.  Clara also LOVES her jumper, as seen in other posts, and can really get a work out going in it!  She loves being independent and getting to move.  This is also why she loves her walker – it has opened up the whole world to her to discover and explore!  She loves zooming around in that thing checking everything out.  It is amazing the things she will find that I do not! 😛  (For example, I heard her gumming something so I went in to see her chewing on a price sticker she had pulled off of a bookshelf).  She wants to touch and feel EVERYTHING!  Her favorite things to do are pull the kitchen towel down and then feel the plastic bag sticking out of the garbage can – those are the first things she goes for each time she gets in her walker, and then she is off to find something new somewhere else in the house.  For the first time, she gets excited when Brian and I walk into the room, and reaches for us when she is with someone else.  That makes my heart burst in a way I didn’t think was possible!  Clara discovered a love for cups this month, and pretty much any object that isn’t supposed to be a toy.  She could have 10 brightly colored, kid friendly, super fun toys surrounding her, and the only thing she wants is either a 1) remote control, 2) cell phone or 3) cup.  She had her 6 month appointment in the middle of the month, and checked out very healthy and well.  She weighed 20 lbs. and was 28 inches long.  That puts her in the 97% for her age, but hey – at least it’s proportional 😉  Her doctor said she is developing just right and was pleased to see her progress.  Clara is still smiles all of the time and just pure joy!   

Good night, everyone! 


3 thoughts on “May, Part II”

  1. What an awesome post! I don’t think I’ve said “thanks” for taking the time to do all of this, L. I think I speak for all the Paris Rheas when I say that we miss you guys SO MUCH, so it’s a real treat when we get to hear about what’s new with you guys and see how much little CJ is growing. And what is it about remotes and cell phones anyway? Sophie has three of her own phones to play with, but she won’t have anything to do with them. She likes mine. Can’t wait to see you guys and plant a big kiss on that little bumbo face!

  2. All your pics are so great! What a fun summer you are having!!!!! It is great to see pics of old ChiO ladies to hear how they are doing too. Love you Laura! Jamie

  3. What a precious precious picture that last one is… I could just sit & stare at my babies while they were asleep… how sweet they are asleep & now I sometimes just sit & watch my grandbabies sleep… can’t get enought of it. It seems forever ago that Clara was here with us… I miss her so much. I can’t wait until they are all old enough that they can all spend the night w/ Mamaw & Papaw… won’t that be fun!!! Thanks for the wonderful posts & pics… I love them all!!!

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