Look at me now!

Here is a video that shows several of Clara’s new tricks…crawling, pulling herself up, standing, and putting a ball in her toy (ok, so she gets kinda hung up on this one, but believe me – she can do it!).  She started army-crawling right before July 4th, and then started pulling herself up about mid-July.  Around the beginning of August she started “cruising” (“walking” along holding onto something, like the coffee table or couch) and then around mid-August she would stand for a few moments without holding on to anything.  She keeps doing this more frequently and for longer periods.  She also started getting up on her knees to crawl in the first half of August.  She can get around quick!  The ball thing is kinda cool – I bought this interactive ball play station thingy at a consignment sale and it has been fun to watch her figure it out.  When you put a ball in the top of it, it spirals down a chute and comes out in the bottom.  We’ve been trying to teach her how she can put a ball in to make it happen, but this seemed like an impossibly hopeless cause and I didn’t see how she would ever “get” it- that she could manipulate a ball in a certain way and put it in a certain place (which takes both the mental cause-effect connection as well as a very precise motor skill using awkward hands and no-muscle arms) and then something happens to it.  And then one day, she just did!  That is what has been so amazing about watching her grow and learn and develop.  A skill that seems impossible (how do you go from being completely stationary for months to rolling your body over?!?) one day, she just all of the sudden breaks out and does – and then it is old hat before long!  and she is on to the next thing…  walking is definitely coming soon. 

5 thoughts on “Look at me now!”

  1. What a big girl she is getting to be… She stood for a very long time while we were there so it certainly won’t be long before she is all over the place… :) Really did enjoy our visit Saturday afternoon. We got to see where Brian works now. So glad you are enjoying your new job… Sugars to our sweetie!!! *SWAK*

  2. Oh!!!!! She is getting so big and so smart. And what a beautiful little girl she is. Yes, before long she will be walking, then running, then watch out. Here comes Clara Jane all over the place. Give her a great big kiss for Mema. Love you all.

  3. So cute!! I sure had fun playing with Clara on Sunday during the 1045 service:) She was a happy camper in the midst of some NOT so happy ones!!

  4. Wonderful video! I envision sweet Clara crawling to me, and I love it! And Wow! One day she’s holding on, and the next she’s hands free! It’s truly the small wonders that bring life’s joys –

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