My good friend and ridonkulously talented artist, Jay, has tagged me to participate in a random challenge.

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

So, 6 random things about Brian D. Rhea:

1. The left and right side of my body have to be symmetrical. For example, if I scratch a finger on my left hand, I have to scratch that same finger on the right, even if it doesn't itch. If for some reason, I tug my right ear, I have to tug my left to offset it. If I don't, it's like there is a tingling on the opposite appendage that stays there until I even it out.

2. My pinkies are crooked. Didn't have an accident, I was just born with it. This was a great asset when I was teaching because I could be like, "Hey, have I ever shown you guys what I can do with my fingers?" *pretend to pop them out of socket, show the crooked pinkies* result: "Ooooh! Mr. Rhea! Gross!!! Arhg!! How do you do that?!!?"

3. My middle name is Duane after my mom's dad who remains one of the most gentle and loving people I have ever known.

4. I keep a journal of all the Van Gogh's that I've seen in person … the date, the museum, and my response to the painting.

5. I hate the way it feels after clipping my fingernails. It drives me nuts. My mom may remember this, but I used to throw a fit about cutting my fingernails as a kid.

6. There was about a 10 year period where I did not eat cereal and could not stand to be around anyone eating it. The sogginess and the clanking of the metal spoon against the ceramic bowl just grosses me out for some reason. I've gotten over it to the point that I will do my best to stay in the room if someone is eating some, and if I make a bowl for myself, I eat it really quickly so it doesn't get gross. Still, I prefer to avoid being around it.

Tag, you're it:

1. Anyone (comment and let us know you posted!)
2. Laura
3. Shaun & Kyndra
4. Mom
5. First Park, Barker or Rhode to see this
6. Shailen

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