And this is why they call us homo sapiens…

Clara took her first steps on September 6th…just a few wobbly little movements, but they were on her own!  Over the next few weeks she would do that – just 2 or 3 steps – and then not again for 5 hours or a day.  But last Thursday, September 18th, it was like something “clicked” and she just stood up and started walking around.  She did it all night long!  she still can’t go super long distances, but she can get halfway across a room pretty smooth before falling down again! it is like a whole new world just opened up – YIKES!!


And here Clara is clapping! or, is this a video of three adults acting like idiots???

4 thoughts on “And this is why they call us homo sapiens…”

  1. What a glorious moment, life will never be the same. Clara is WALKING!!!!!
    From now on, you must stay one step ahead of her, to catch her when she falls, to be there for her when something makes her unhappy, to just be there when ever she needs you for support, now and forever. :) kisses for our big girl please, from Mema.

  2. Mamaw is clapping her hands right along w/ you Clara!!! You are such a big girl now… walking… I am so proud of you. Big kisses & hugs to our little walker!!! *SWAK*

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