Through The Years

I had a lot of fun at the site while watching the presidential debate (it was making me very angry so I had to double-task with something silly) and got to see what Brian and I would have looked like in different decades.  I've put my favorites here, but you can see more  here.
Brian in 1970…what girl wouldn't go crazy for that?!

B 1970

Here is my hippie! 

B 1976

It wouldn't be fair to him not to post myself, too, so here is the inner 80's-lover in me:

L 1984  L 1984

I think I could have made it in the 50's…

L 1960

One thought on “Through The Years”

  1. ok.. those are just too cute… I would try it but I might remind myself too much of myself back in the 70’s… how depressing would that be??? Cute pics tho… :)

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