Clara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Have you ever read, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"?  Well, I had my very own version today. 

First, I pitched a few fits that were so bad I flung myself backwards and screamed (I was already sitting so it wasn't too bad, and mom helped break my fling back with her arm)… I was REALLY upset I didn't get my way.  I guess it is good to learn early that I have boundaries and don't always get my way, but it sure is a hard lesson to learn! 


And then I fed myself breakfast and got REALLY sticky!  Here I am eating food that I previously spit out and stuck to my tummy.  YUM!


Wow, it sure is hard to get the food to go in my mouth (and stay there)! 


I was such a mess Mom decided to give me a bath in the kitchen sink- what fun to splash and play!!


Afterwards I was crawling around and found a bottle that Dad had left out from the night before…good thing it was empty!  Why did Mom take it away so fast?  I love bottles!


Next, I found one of the coasters that Mom made at one of her bridal showers.  They're very special to her, but I thought they would make a fun toy, so I carried it into the kitchen and threw it against the tile floor.  What a cool sound it made when it broke into a bunch of pieces! 


Mom came running, but not before I could pick up a piece to put in my mouth and cut my stomach and cheek.  It didn't hurt but Mom felt HORRIBLE and was VERY MAD at herself for leaving the coasters within reach! 


Now I'm taking my morning nap, and I'm sleeping really good.  Just like Alexander's mommy told him, my Mom told me, "Everyone has a bad day sometimes."  I think she was telling herself that, too! 

5 thoughts on “Clara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”

  1. What a cute story of a bad day. Sorry about your little accident Clara. Dies it still hurt? Let mom and dad kiss it all well. You are such a very pretty little doll. I love you, kiss, kiss, from Mema.

  2. Some days growing up can be soooooooooo hard! Especially for the Mommy!!! Adorable pictures (did Clara get into her Dad’s styling gel just like Papi????) but so sad to see those booboos. She was probably more upset however when you took the broken pieces away… I remember that book well – isn’t it amazing how “literature” can capture the essence of the human drama!

  3. Well what a busy day for you girl… hope all is going better today… I remember the book title but I don’t remember the story, guess I’ll wait for the movie. :) Can’t wait for tonight, sugars!!! Be good & see you then…

  4. Some days life just isn’t fair, is it CJ. Even mad, cut up, and covered in cereal, though…you’re still one precious bumbina!! Aunt Chris loves you, and you can come stay with me ANYTIME mom and dad aren’t giving you your way!! 😉

  5. So sorry about your hard day of mothering!! You got some cute pictures along the way! It was fun to hear about your adventures. I’m glad everything turned out OK in the end.

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