Rhea Dance Party

Clara LOVES dancing.  The second she hears music – or really, a beat of any kind – she starts bouncing.  She will even do it if you squeeze a squeaky toy in rhythm!  We had a family dance party in her room tonight and caught some of it on camera.  She actually just started this straight-arm flapping dance that she does for most of this video.  The “bouncing” she normally does is only at the beginning, and then she goes into her flapping, even finding props to compliment her dance-extravaganza.  I think this is some combo version of her cousin Sophie’s one armed chicken dance and Brian’s straight-arm-50-year-old-women-at-wedding-receptions-dance.  

Don’t miss the new October post below! 

5 thoughts on “Rhea Dance Party”

  1. These are great. We miss you guys and little Clara who just keeps on getting more amazing! Thanks for the sharing. October is one of my favorite months also!

  2. Eat your heart out Dancing With The Stars!!! We have our own little star here & she is all ours!!! I love seeing our 3 sweet babies dancing… they are soooo cute!!! Keep the beat Clara!!!

  3. Hey! Sorry I haven’t commented in a long time!! I have read them though! 😀
    Clara is growing up so fast!!!!! And I seriously think she gets cuter with every picture!! From the start of one post to the end of the same post her cuteness doubles! 😉
    I love the dancing and cant wait to see all 3 of you for Thanksgiving!! 😀

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