6 thoughts on “Clara hates hats and bows but apparently doesn’t mind this…”

  1. OH sweet fancy! CJ, after knowing your parents for all these years…I can’t say that I’m surprised. You wear that bucket with pride, baby!

  2. I think she has just started a new fashion trend… everyone will be wearing buckets from now on… That is just so adorable…

  3. Laura,
    It was so great going through your blog and seeing what you have been up to. I loved the bucket! Clara is getting so big! It’s amazing what a few months can do. They grow so fast.
    I miss seeing you!
    Crystal Beavin

  4. Well hello there….blogs do seem to be the next phase of ‘7 degrees of Kevin Bacon’. Clara is too cute, I see a lot of Brian in her. Don’t you agree little girls are so much fun :) Glad to hear you all are well…craziness on “the bean” and the car. Take care and Happy Holidays to the Rheas.

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