Come See My Park!

This is the park near my house.  I love to play in it!  Do you want to visit?


First we have to go swing!  I reach my arms up and whine…


Push me higher, it makes me laugh!


Now it's time to climb!  That is my favorite part.  I could climb all day!


Watch me go across the bridge.  Aren't I a big girl?  Why does mom stand so close to the edge?


Time to go down the slide.  Whoa!  It goes fast!


Mom laughs a lot when I go under the slide.  I don't get it…something about lots of static electricity…


Whew!!  I'm tired now!  Sometimes its nice to just take a break on the side…


Thanks for coming to visit my park today!


4 thoughts on “Come See My Park!”

  1. Enjoyed my visit w/ you at your park Clara. I know you must love just “hanging” around that park for the fun of it… :) We’ll have to take you to our park one day too… Hugs & kisses!!!

  2. What fun it is to go to the park. You are so cute, and so precious. I can’t wait to see you soon. I love you bushles, Mema

  3. Can hardly wait to take you back to your park! Reminded me of the fun we’ve had there. And that climbing equipment is wayyyyyyy fun – albeit treacherous for such a fearless tiny tot – I know exactly why your Mommy is close at hand! That static stuff is cool (and so is the pic!). I can tell that you’re getting to be such a big girl – your Mom didn’t mention your trying to put the shredded bark stuff on the playground in your mouth….Kisses

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