My Trip to the Hospital

 From December 8th until December 12th, I was at Children's Medical Center hospital with  a severe case of RSV.  Or bronchiolitis caused by RSV.  Something like that.  I let the adults figure all that stuff out, I just know I felt like JUNK!  It was so hard to breathe.  We had quite an adventure!

Mom and Dad took some pictures while we were there.  I thought you might want to see them…

Here we are in the ER at Legacy in Plano.  My nose is bloody because they kept suctioning it with a big ol' machine to open up my airways. YUCK!


Mom and Dad were amazed at what a trooper I was!  We were there for hours!  I kept falling asleep on Dad's chest.  Here I am just chillin' on my bed…


They kept putting this big fish that had wet air coming out of his mouth up to my face.  He was funny looking!  After four of these "breathing treatments", I still wasn't responding and it was getting harder for me to breathe, so they admitted me to the hospital.  I guess those fish just don't work on me!  



We were transported to Children's Medical in Dallas because they
didn't have any room at Legacy.  Here I am on the stretcher.  What an adventure!!


Then we got on an ambulance.  They let me watch a movie!  That was the best part! 

I guess my oxygen got pretty low on the trip, so they put some tubes up my nose and I started getting supplemental oxygen.  Mommy and Daddy were so grateful for the awesome paramedics! 



We finally got there and settled by 2 a.m.  Whew!  I was tired!  And not feeling great…mom said the only good thing about all of this was how much I wanted to be held!  It sure felt good to cuddle in mom or dad's arms.  Especially when the nurses and doctors came in because I got SO scared of them!  Here we are in the hospital over the next few days…  The doctor and nurses were taking good care of me and helping me get better, and making sure I didn't get any worse. 


Can you believe this was the first time I was ever sick?!  I really did it up, huh?!  I was pretty miserable…I hope I don't have to go through that ever again!


Getting the IV in my hand was the worst part -especially since they had to replace it the next day in my other hand!  Those ladies just couldn't seem to find my vein…they were holding me down and I was crying and I raised my free arm up and did the sign for "all done" but it still took awhile before they stopped.  The IV sure helped me feel a little better though!  The IV wasn't as bad as the nose suctioning, just because they did that a lot more.  boy, I did NOT like that part.  I got all the strawberries I wanted, though…that was the best part about the hospital!


Mom and Dad were there the whole time.  Guess they just couldn't leave me! 




When Papi visited he let me play with his tie, and he was being really silly!  I smiled for the first time in a few days, and that made everyone smile really big. 



They kept this sensor thingy taped to my toe to keep track of my oxygen level.  They were scared I might get tired of breathing or something since it was so hard to breathe, so that always let them know when it was dipping too low!  I liked it because it glowed red- we called it my "Rudolph Toe". 


Mom and I took a nap together…


Everyone had to wear these masks when they came in.  They looked kinda funny! Thanks, Aunt Krissy and Mimi, for bringing Mom and Dad things from home…they were getting kinda stinky. 


Some of my friends came and visited me, which really cheered me up (and I think mom and dad really appreciated it, too- especially all the food!)!  Here is Miss Julie.  Aunt Krissy, Mimi, Papi, Suzanne, Kim, Pastor Gary, the Harrells, Melissa and Ashton, Melissa and Addison, Michelle, Jill, Jennifer and Kylie also came.  It was so thoughtful!  Mom kept saying that God was showing us such tender mercy and she felt supernatural strength from Him through all of the encouragement and prayers dear people kept giving us. 


This was my room for that week…




Pastor Gary always makes me smile!  He prayed for us and mom and dad and that really meant a lot. 


I was feeling a lot better by the end and was starting to want to play and run around again.  Mom and Dad were so happy!  I still got tired really easy, though.  They wanted me off of oxygen for 24 hours before they would let me go home.


I got some very sweet cards and fun new animals (which I gave giant kisses to) and toys that really cheered me up! 


My friends Pierson and Will painted me pictures! 


Friday afternoon I was all better and ready to go home – yay!! 


Here is one of the flowers someone gave me, and it reminds me of what our time in the hospital reminds us – life is beautiful and precious.  We're so grateful that I'm fine and I'm going to be fine. ok, I'll admit it.  My mom wrote that last part, not me :)


4 thoughts on “My Trip to the Hospital”

  1. Our poor little girl and to think we couldn’t be there for support for Mom and Dad. But know that we were there in spirit, holding the three of you to our hearts.
    The pictures remind me of the time Kami spent in the same hospital that you were in. Our little babies so young to be so sick. But God is Great for he let both of you recover and come home to us again.
    God Bless and Bless the medical team that got you all well again Clara. I love you, Mema

  2. Yep, you really did it up good girl… so no more for a long time!!! :) I sure wish we could have been there to see you in the hospital but from all the little feet prints on your sheets, I can see that angels where there watching over you. You were in our prayers & those prayers were answered the day you went home. Hugs & kissed to our sweet Clare-Bear… We love you!!!

  3. I’m so happy that you are better now little CJ!!! I hated that I didn’t get to come see you! I thought about you all the way to Jazz Auditions though!!! When I got news that you were going home I was SO happy!! I only have one question….why didn’t I get a movie in the ambulance?? They must have liked you better than me 😉 I can’t wait to get to see you again! *BIG Kisses*

  4. This was so traumatizing! Especially the nose suctioning and IV inserts! I thank God for His loving care, her dear parents who held and comforted her every moment, and for the wonderful care she received at Children’s. She was such a trooper! And what a joy to see sunshine back in those sweet eyes – framed by pink hat and mittens!

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