Merry Christmas, Part 2

Since we were out of town on the official Christmas Day, we got to celebrate Christmas with the Rhea side of the family a few weeks later! 

We did something new this year and it was a huge hit!  We had a Christmas breakfast complete with pancakes, sausage (veggie and real ;)), and orange juice – YUM!  Larry kept the grill going and the pancakes coming.  Then we exchanged gifts and opened presents and just enjoyed being together.  Our camera's battery was dead that day so thankfully Denise has shared all these great photos with us – Thanks Mamaw! 


Pancakes for everyone!


Clara and Sophie had a BALL hiding behind the curtain…Clara was just following Soph and Aidan around trying to do everything they were doing!


I think this picture is SO cute…


Mamaw made – yes, MADE (wow!!) – matching outfits for the kids….they were sooooooooooooo cute!!!  We tried to get a pic of the three of them but you can imagine how that goes with 3 under 5… 


Opening presents…we were all so blessed!!


Clara giving a gift to Sophie…or stealing one…can't really tell and both equally likely 😉


Aunt Kari excited about the DVDs we gave her…


Aidan is GOOD at puzzles -WHOA! 


the cousins playing together :)


Great-Grandma Rhea and Great-Mema Tallant…the best!!


Merry Christmas!!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Part 2”

  1. Well with mine being the only working camera, I didn’t get in any of the pics but unlike the Tallant Christmas pics, I was here for this one… What a great time we all had I hope.

  2. It was fun, and I enjoyed it I know. Denise was there this time, she missed the Tallant Christmas, or rather was late getting there from ER. I am not sure if I took any pictures or not. Chet did, but have not seen them.
    Love you all Mema

  3. I will have you know i’ve already watched both movies at least 3 times each and just played Across the Universe in it the background at the shop twice!! 😉 I LOVE then!!

  4. Wow is right! Denise, you are amazing – what absolutely darling dresses and handsome vest!! The cousins looked precious, and what fun to have each other to play with as well as great grandmothers! Looks like they enjoyed checking out all the gifts, too, but from what I can see, Aunt Kari got the best – Across the Universe is awesome!!

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