March March March

For Christmas, Kristi and I got my mom tickets to a Judy Collins concert that was at Bass Hall on March 2nd.  Judy was a big folk singer-songwriter in the 60's and 70's that my mom loved/loves.  She has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar and piano.  Our "girls night" was really fun and special!  We were all laughing because – seriously- we saw two other people there out of the whole crowd of HUNDREDS that were below the age of 50.  And even then I would say the average age was closer to 65. :)  It was even more cool because of that!! 



Brian surprised me with a date (thanks Aunt Kristi and Uncle Eric for making it possible!) – we went to dinner at a great little Italian place in Grapevine, and then went and saw a new play by a playwright (with Bootstraps Comedy Theater) we love, and it was HILARIOUS!  The play was called "Hello Human Female" and was put on by Audacity Theater Lab in this teeny tiny, very cool theater in Dallas called Ochre House. 


The weather started to get really pretty and we took advantage as much as we could!  It was sooooo nice – 70's and everything starting to bloom – walks in the evenings, picnics in the day…  Clara and I met Brian for lunch one day at a park in between his work and our house:


The weather couldn't seem to make up it's mind, though, because just as soon as it started to get pretty, a super cold or rainy front would move in for another 4 days.  I felt like I was changing out long sleeves and short sleeves all month long! 

We went to a parenting seminar on Friday night and Saturday morning at Fellowship Church.  It was AWESOME!!  I felt so much more equipped walking out of there and like we have a PLAN! :)

The following Saturday we had a Kid Venture at the church, where families and teachers all come out and hang out together.  It is a good time to get to know everyone a little better!  We had a "Teddy Bear Parade" for all of the preschoolers and it was SO STINKIN' CUTE!!  I think if I started everyday getting to watch a teddy bear parade I could never have a bad day :)  The kids made "floats" out of shoeboxes and then pulled their little buddies around the "parade route".  Clara was SO cute because, even though she didn't really get what was going on, she would walk for awhile, then stop and do a total "princess" wave to the crowd, walk a little while then stop and wave again and so on.  so funny!

One night that my dad was in town for work and staying in a hotel, we went over and swam in his pool.  Even though it was so COLD Clara still had a great time!  I definitely preferred the hot tub though!



When I cleaned out my car, Clara decided to help.  In fact, she thought she would just take off!



Clara got a really bad cough and cold that she just couldn't shake.  Here she is taking some medicine.  We also did at-home breathing treatments.  Staying home for spring break (preschool was out) and keeping her home the week before seemed to finally do the trick (not being around other kids)!  Brian and I did a grand balancing act trading off being at home with her so the other could go into work–kinda stressful, but all ok in the end.  This definitely makes the list of "things you appreciate your parents doing now that you're a parent and REALIZE!"


Brian started worm composting again!  go little worms, go!


we had a super fun night of enchiladas, margaritas, and ROCK BAND with the Robinson's!  Michelle quite possibly has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and the coolest 1st grader! their whole family ROCKS – quite literally :D!



We decided to repaint the guest bathroom…last November.  I got as far as buying the paint and painting a test square.  And then it got pushed to the backburner and oh, you know how that kind of thing goes.  So after many months of a green wall with a one foot gray square, I decided to re-attack it, and unfortunately, also decided to remove the chair rail border.  It looked ugly, has been repainted several times and did I mention it looks UGLY?  well, that is easier said than done!  Let's just say, at the end of the day, there were two holes in the wall, a couple of dents, and the wall paper that was under several layers of paint, had been torn off and was hanging in several large chunk
s.  It turns out it was possible to get uglier!  I still painted all of the edges so I could at least have something to show for the day, but Brian ended up having to texture over it, as it turns out the only way to save the wall at this point was to re-texture the whole thing!  So maybe in the next few months I'll get up the energy to FINALLY repaint it!

Clara helped me tape it off…it was so cute how she was really trying!


One of my holes…


Maybe the next picture of it will be a gray bathroom???

We went to Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" with the rest of IBC staff and a lot of its members and we are total Dave-fans now!!  We are working on getting our finances in control so that we can be good stewards of what God has given us.  Let's see if "budget" becomes a verb this time and not just a noun!  He has all of these "baby steps" to financial peace, and we're done with baby step 1 (baby emergency fund) and now we're working on baby step 2 – debt snowball (getting completely debt free). 

another sweet fell-asleep-in-the-car picture:


Full blown "monkey see, monkey do" was on this month…had been building the last couple but it just seemed like EVERYTHING we did Clara wanted to do (or at least tried to do), too.  From trying to suction her own nose and wiping it on the kleenex to dipping chips in salsa to brushing her hair to putting on make-up (trying at least) to patting me on the bottom.  She LOVES to wear our shoes and puts on any pair she finds out.  She loves to hide and jump out and say "boo!"  She has the cutest little run.  It is like if Tigger had a limp…bouncy, all over the place, but not  all-the-way coordinated enough to be smooth yet.  And she just laughs and laughs or says "ahhhhhhhh!!" really loud as she runs.  She still loves dancing and especially loves going in to worship time at church.   

On to April!


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